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what is a john keates film?

John Keates is an exciting and challenging dramatic voice in British culture. His innovative writing method produces work that excites and enthralls. He has a matured artistic philosophy, a progressive set of creative skills and a passionate sense of purpose.

John Keates' process has been developed and honed over the last ten years to a point of artistic maturity. He has learnt over this time how to produce exceptional work under difficult circumstances, with limited resources, on time and on budget. He displays an impressive mastery of creative and production pragmatism.

A John Keates film articulates the textures of contemporary life. His content is about the NOW - cultural, political, social - responsive, funny and intelligent, sensing and empathising with the mood and consciousness of our time.

A John Keates film transports you into the lives and ambitions of beautifully drawn characters. He creates the highest quality of fictions that are exciting and entertaining but deeply moving and provocative.

"One of the best and most imaginative uses of multi-media I have ever seen....highly theatrical, exhilarating
and utterly wondrous"

The Guardian