HD, 92mins, colour, 2008


fecund films first production is "Searching". Adapted from the stage play "Hello You", it is an ambitious debut feature - a multi stranded, ensemble piece about thirty-something's love, life and relationships - in short, a British "Magnolia". Set against a backdrop of contemporary London and Brighton, it is a character driven, ensemble piece exploring the coming of age for the 21st century. The narrative unfolds as the main characters' stories intertwine. It's a comedy about the emotional landscape of a generation growing up to realise that there is an unbridgeable gap between the person they might have been and the person they are.


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key crew

Writer/Director - John Keates
Producers - Nick Stubbs, Hugh Gurney, John Keates, Mark Doyle
DoP - Nigel Kinnings
Production Designer - Camilla Robinson
Editor - Sebastian Gill
Sound Designer - Justin Bryant
Music - Tom Derret & Kid Galahad
Costume Designer - Annie Cook

key cast

Lillian - Eva Pope
Frank - Ian Golding
Michael - Matthew Dunster
Monica - Georgina Lamb
Natalie - Nicky Wardley
Paul - Mark Doyle
Saffron - Katy Kattan

fecund film