2007 – Special

“Special explores, in a deliberate and unhurried way, an extreme of human relationship and does so in a way that is brave and truthful….It is difficult, haunting, wonderful theatre. It will live with you long after the final curtain call and deserves to be seen. So see it.”
Ged Quayle – British Theatre Guide Online

"think Closer with no punches pulled and far more visceral"
What's On Stage

"a surprisingly poignant and enlightening experience"
The Evening Standard

"Special requires mental fortitude. Fecund Theatre have long been interested in powerplay and disquiet, both among characters and between actors and audience; but this takes things to a new level of unsettling purity by matter-of-factly portraying episodes in a couple’s sado-masochistic relationship."
Financial Times

"There isn’t sufficient warning for the theatrical head-butt you are about to receive. This is a stunning production that challenges and amazes but in the quiet moments between sex is touching and moving. An excellent production that pushes you to your own limit."

"Unbelievably powerful….this brave, brilliant show gently, dispassionately examines a loving, lasting SM relationship, and it does it breathtakingly well."
The Scotsman

2005 – 34

“…controversy, entertainment, real-life drama and convincing characters in a whirlwind of modernist creativity.” 
BBC Online

2003 Hello You

"fecund prove that theatre does not need costumes and scenery, but simply talent."
indie london

"marvellous only-at-the-theatre alchemy of split-second character transformation."

2002 Under Milk Wood - Time Out Critics' Choice

"Their version is a revelation. A winning combination of skilful storytelling, dynamic playing style and oodles of charm...effortlessly appealing...Theirs is a finely honed craft - no sound effect, no visual trick, is gratuitously employed....their sense of humour is acute...and Fecund's dynamic, playful style means all we are aware of is Thomas's off-beat tale beautifully told."
Time Out

"Wow, wow and wow again fecund theatre's production of Under Milk Wood gave me an evening of 100 per cent-riveting theatre which ended far too quickly. It has my absolute and unreserved praise."
This is local London

"Fecund Theatre has struck gold...full bloodied, vital characters...pace, drive and energy of the language... The staging and soundscape create a rich theatrical experience...it certainly pushes the boundaries to create a new and exciting live performance."
What's On In London

2000/1 Intimate Male

"...innovation and verve...an excellent and challenging evening's theatre. Like all the best entertainment, Intimate Male stays with you well after the lights go down. Contentious, challenging and funny as hell, it is as intimate as late-night radio, and as all-encompassing as a telethon appeal for clemency for the thirty something male in crisis."
The Independent

"fecund's audacious and potent mix of media styles tell us that this company is making theatre for the 21st century."
The Independent

1999 Polarities - The Cherry Orchard and Ubu Roi

"An outstanding, revelatory piece of theatre."
Glasgow Herald

"A daring, achingly funny and exhilarating piece of theatre. This extraordinary company shows us that live theatre can still be challenging and shocking even for a Reservoir Dogs and Trainspotting generation. A sensational production."
The Scotsman

"The Cherry Orchard has some succinct ideas...a stylish director, but above all he brings zest, confidence and ambiton to this polished production."
The Stage

1998 Fascinations from the Crowd

"There is a vibrancy and excitment in Keates' work that is like being injected with adrenaline. This multi layered aural and visual collage of London life is over flowing with creative ideas. The piece offers up a mix of exhilarating, highly theatrical comment...stunningly insightful in its use of theatre, video and sound to detail and expose the savage darkness of our lives. This production is a real rarity - well structured, well acted theatre that uses all the facets of multi media to speak with breaktaking imagination. Don't miss this sensational company."
What's On

"John Keates new piece has an astonishing ability to transport its audience to specific corners of London Life. The sheer abundance of visual and aural ideas defies anyone to lose interest...sympathetic, incisive writing, an irresistible sense of humour and great performances."
Time Out

1997 27 - Total Theatre Award Winner - Best Touring Production

"One of the best and most imaginative uses of multi-media I have ever seen... highly theatrical, exhilarating and utterly wondrous...you can't fault this young director's breadth of vision or ambition."
The Guardian

"They have produced a string of memorable, innovative and hard hitting shows. There is always some tangible depth, it is never all form and no content. With little reservation fecund theatre should be required viewing."
The Glasgow Herald

1996 Hamlet - Time Out Critics' Choice

"...it's all very cool, very ironic, very 90s...great fun to watch...a beautiful hallucinatory quality...this Hamlet is intelligent...and fun...it's the liveliest thing I've seen at this address by a long way."
Time Out

"...the visual impact with which the flying saucers arrive in Independence Day."

What's On in London

"...our leading, funded-to-the-hilt, tip top theatre companies could learn a lot from fecund theatre."
Northern Star

"...their take on Hamlet, for all its multiplicity of influences, was as lucid as any I've seen... impressive, brave, exhilarating and highly intelligent."
The Glasgow Herald

1995 The End - Kafka's Last Request and The Last Poet

"My show of the year. Radical, physical, exciting and exhilirating...an understatement...this is truly a terrific show...it left me breathless...Truly one of the country's most talented groups."
The Dundee Courier

"...The most arresting show was fecund theatre's THE END.....a striking production..."
Total Theatre

"What sets fecund theatre apart is the company's skilful integration of live action, narrative, video and sound affects. It's hard to imagine a more effective, overwhelming theatrical evocation of an individual losing himself - superbly - almost transcendentally realised, this is an imaginative voyage into things not known..."
The List

1994 Fallen Angels

"Fantastical slice of choreographed physical theatre...violently portraying the tradegy of the human predicament...exhilirating odyssey of the senses..an extravaganza."
The Guardian

"...Fecund theatre's explosive Fallen Angels is a spectacle on the verge of overload."
The List

"One of the best alternative theatre groups ever to appear in Scarborough returns..."
Scarborough Weekly News

"The return of the 90's phenomenon that is fecund theatre..."

Bradford International Festival, 1994

"...electrifying...a true adrenaline rush."

The Scotsman

1993 The Pleasure Dome

"A blast from the future, refreshingly vital and a necessary way forward for theatre. Fecund theatre are out of the frame and inventing a new vocabulary"
The Yorkshire Post

"A strong example of the power that is being generated at the performance end of the theatre circuit......crackles with energy that explodes in all directions...a storm of subversion."
The Guardian

"...There are stunning performances...the air is electrically charged. This is Fringe Theatre at its most innovative..."
The Kensington News

"This is a confrontational, hard hitting and powerful work...the piece is harsh and incisive, yet at the same time sensitive, human and above all honest. This is contemporary theatre with a message, a performance that must be experienced."

Festival F.M.

"...An experimental, innovative and provocative evening from this acclaimed company...The show fills the theatre and transports the audience for a tantalising hour into a strange world... this is indeed a fearless production in which the company genuinely put their necks on the line... this is impressively dedicated, soul-baring and exhilirating experimental theatre..."
What's On In London

1992 Face to Face

"A piece which is shocking, surreal and strangely beautiful, it is un-nerving and bravely uncompromising...it stimulates the mind and assaults the senses. The result is exhilarating, intense total theatre."
The Scotsman

"fecund theatre must be seen."
The Guardian

"Confrontation underpins...the company batter the audience's sensibilities...volatile physicality...sheer energy...thrilling...a theatrical headbutt."

The Independent

"This uncompromising piece by fecund theatre hits right at the heart...the sheer energy...the poetic power...the emotional intensity...takes the piece beyond the realms of most physical theatre and its shallow reliance on pretty images and clever concepts. This is a gutsy, hard and honest piece of theatre and is the highlight of my Fringe."

The Evening News

"...an alienating shocking piece that gave new meaning to the concept of physical theatre."
Times Educational Supplement

"The most challenging choreography...a violent display...energy and inventiveness...provocations of choreographers such as Michael Clark and Lloyd Newson of DV8."
The Sunday Times

"...this is theatre at its most three dimensional."

The Sunday Times

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